With a love of music and the power to rock, Brett, Matt, James and Mike came together to make music that would bring people together. They describe their sound as a mash between Green Day and Death Cab for Cutie. With Brett tearing up vocals and rhythm guitar, Matt shredding the guitar, James slapping the bass, and Mike pounding the drums, these guys are becoming an unstoppable force. They are ready to make the world pay attention.

Brett and Matt were the first two pieces of the puzzle to come together, creating a flawless team with Brett writing chords and lyrics paired with Matt’s melodies. Enter James, who added coherency to their sound. Mike’s drumming skills were the last piece. Their musical resumes include ruling school talent shows, winning battle of the bands, playing live shows with a myriad of bands as well as headlining a rock benefit concert.  Snow and Cashmere are brimming with potential to dominate the music scene here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourselves for Elon’s next big thing.