Vincent “Brandon” Williams was born in D.C. on Halloween of 1992 (hence the name Kid Casper or Kid Cas.) At the age of 13, Kid Cas began pursuing his own music aspirations, after being inspired by artists like Eminem and Jay Z.  After writing lyrics for several years, Kid Cas recorded and released his debut mixtape “Ghost Files” in the Spring of 2011, which was met with surprising critical acclaim. Since his debut mixtape, Kid Cas has refined his sound, and grown his following with the release of his “Progression” and “As We Proceed” mixtapes, and plans to release “For All The Wrong Reasons” in 2014, in addition to several other projects. 

Kid Cas is a founding member of D.C. hip hop collective “Black Tie Affair”, along with members Malik "Phreakko" Milboune, Jerrel "Yung Phya" MCcoy- Anthony, and Tevin "Zeke" Patterson.  Kid Cas, and the members of Black Tie Affair, are looking to make their mark in the mainstream media, and possibly achieve their dream of being up on the Grammy stage.

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Recent Releases from Kid Cas

The above video was just entered into the International Music Video Database. Check out the article published on the Elon University website for more details.