Imagine a small intimate room filled with only a handful of your closest friends and family. The lights are dim and you feel a sense of comfort and belonging. You feel every breath, every touch, and every sound. Your body relaxes and you are completely living In the moment. Even from a large stage, the R&B singer Lizzy Bassen will make you feel like every note is both personal and intentional.

Music has always played a large role in Lizzy Bassen's life. With a distinct, yet unique style, her music cannot be classified. It's commonly heard that there aren't any boundaries to what one can accomplish. Why shouldn't this also apply to musical preference? From the electronic styles of dance music, to hard hitting R&B jazz, Lizzy performs for all audiences and all ages. Check back soon for updates on Lizzy's EP release coming this spring.

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Recent Releases from Lizzy

Just in time for finals, Lizzy's debut EP is exactly what you want to listen to while your studying. "Safe and Sound"'s upbeat acoustic will have you bouncing in your chair. However, her haunting vocals will give you chills in "Cinderella" and "Walked Out The Door." It's the perfect combination for a late night of studying.