October Album Highlights

Nearing the final two months of 2016, October has been quite a busy month for music releases. From pop-star Lady Gaga, pop-punk legends Green Day to technical metal giants Meshuggah, there have been huge releases this month. While it’s impossible to sort through and listen to every single album released in a month, I wrote about a couple in brief below that I thought stood out to me amongst the vast majority of this October’s releases.

From Indian Lakes

Everything Feels Better Now

Everything Feels Better Now is the fourth album from singer/multi-instrumentalist, Joey Vannucchi, under the name From Indian Lakes. From front to back, this album explores massive soundscapes and ethereal choruses set in an indie-rock setting almost bordering on psychedelic-rock at times. These soundscapes paint the perfect picture for lyrical passages about finding love and holding onto it while exploring self-change. In this 48 minute journey, you’ll find dark indie-pop about dealing with inner demons (“The Monster”) to big bright psychedelic tunes about chasing the American dream (“American Dream”).

Highlights: The Monster, Blank Tapes, Feel Love, Nome, Sunlight

Balance and Composure

Light We Made

On their third full-length, Balance and Composure take a different sonic approach with their atmospheric and alt-rock sound focusing more on the shoegaze and indie rock elements. On the opening track “Midnight Zone”, B&C drags the listener underwater with trance-inducing vocals and an infectious groove to prepare them for a 41 minute swim in their exploration of a more shoegaze infused and industrial sound.

Highlights: Midnight Zone, Spinning, For a Walk, Fame, Is It So Much to Adore?

Joyce Manor


Emo DIY rockers Joyce Manor explore a more refined mainstream and pop-punk sound while still keeping their raw punk rock vibes and witty social commentary on their fourth full-length, Cody. The main single, “Fake I.D.”, sings about a one-night stand with a girl with a fake I.D. who “seduced herself out of the room” by rambling on about how great Kanye West is. At just 24 minutes long, this album is full of great pop-punk emo jams for anyone still struggling with trying to be a responsible adult.

HighlightsFake I.D., Eighteen, Last You Heard of Me, Make Me Dumb