Connor Whitaker's Debut Album

Written by Bridget Carratu

Connor Whitaker’s debut and self-titled album compiles an exciting variety of indie-folk and rhythmic sounds with telling lyrics and great guitar chords, giving us a glimpse into his world and what he’s all about. 

The album showcases different genres with an old school meets new school mix of solid beats in "Tom’s Song" and "The Race" yet drums up a sound distinctly similar to Johnny Cash in "Heart Stealin’ Thief" with its soulful vibes and tales of love lost i.e: “You could be here but your there and honey that’s a choice.”

His album shows off Connor’s impressive vocal style and complies beautiful, meaningful and poetic lyrics with dark and deep turns in "Tom’s Song", "This Is The End" and the intriguingly titled, "Bullied by a Midget", noted specifically by "walking alone ain’t so hard to do when it’s all you’re used to.”

"Hot Like Fire", as one of the catchier, more upbeat songs, let’s us “go back in time and see what life was like before the time,” and sets a carefree tone with “no direction, blowing in the wind.” There’s a Mumford and Sons feeling about this one. 

"Little Pockets" involves an interesting story of what sounds like an older woman and brings in elevated lyrics with “I know the answer is no but the question has got hope at least,” and my favorite, “I’m way too real for the fake ID.”

Connor’s album has a before-his-time feel to it, comparable to Bob Dylan and the likes, but his music encompasses a certain originality that is all his own that I hope to hear more of. I can’t wait to see where this album takes him.

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