Happy Monday everyone, but happy is definitely the wrong word. This is because Monday is widely known to be the most hated day of the infinite seven-day cycle. Stress, fury, and rage are all what we feel on this dreaded day, so what better way to release your inner frustrations than with the infamous genre known as METAL. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, METAL MONDAY.

 Today I would like to talk about one of many of my current favorite bands, Vildhjarta (vil-dyar-tuh) – Swedish for wild heart. They are a progressive metal, or “djent,” band from the frostbitten lands of Hudiksvall, Sweden – a country known for producing the heaviest bands. Vildhjarta is one of the most rhythmically cryptic bands that I have ever bestowed my ears upon. Seven-string guitars, fractal audio systems, two alternating vocalists, and endless polyrhythms all combine together to make the creepy, ear bludgeoning sound that is Vildhjarta. Rhythm is their greatest weapon; you’ll be lucky not to pass out from head banging to their insane grooves. If you are fond of experimental, progressive metal, this is your new favorite band.

One of their most trippy and obscure songs that they have is called Dimman. The first half consists of a very clean guitar in a dark minor key which then leads into their signature complicated, heavy guitar rhythms. The music video for this track perfectly represents the creepy, trippy vibe that they so successfully dominate. If you are up for some growls and screams, listen to Dagger. This song is also filled with ambient, clean guitar and skull crushing, high gain riffs.

The more I listen to Vildhjarta, the more detail I discover, and the more pleasure I find in their music. It ages like fine wine. I like to call this the musical fractal effect because the details in a fractal image multiply as you zoom in. This is the way that I view this band, as an infinite zoom of detail and exponentially increasing auditory satisfaction. I didn’t fall in love them at first sight. It took a few tries before I really started to enjoy them, but now they are one of my all time favorites. Bands like Vildhjarta are paving the way for the new age of progressive metal and I highly recommend you hop onboard.

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