Don’t Let Fall Diminish Your Flame

Remember that fire that burned in your bones during the summer? The smell of a late night drive with your kindred spirit sitting in the passenger seat? The feeling of fingers tangling through your hair as you fall deeper in love? The sound of laughter bursting from your lips due to unfathomable happiness?

As summer fades and fall creeps in, I can feel those sensations escaping from my reach. The semester’s workload is beginning to pile on and it is becoming more and more impossible to unbury myself from its weight. Summer loves are ending and replaced by bitter independence. Friends from home are feeling more and more distant as the days go by. And home feels miles and miles away.

But why does it have to end? Why does the summertime glee have to fade with the changing of the leaves?

Here is my goal: don’t let summer ever end. Granted the seasons will carry on regardless of my new emotional endeavor, this much I am aware. My heart may be aching, but that does not mean that my spirit needs to fade.

In order to accomplish this I am finding comfort in the lyrics of James Blunt. Although he is an unsuspecting soul, he has fueled my new attitude in the song “Bonfire Heart.”

“People like us, we don’t need that much. Just someone that starts; starts the spark in our bonfire hearts.”

I want my heart to be like a bonfire all year round, constantly ignited by the passion of life. As this song echoes in the back of my mind, every step I take into this fall I will seek out how to keep my summer flame burning… how to ignite my “bonfire heart.”