Artist Spotlight

The Shins Have Done It Again

   The other day at work (the local upscale grocery store to give you a solid visual) a couple asked me if there are any good parks near by for them to have a picnic at. Luckily for them they happened to ask an avid park visitor and devoted fan of the Cleveland park system. I directed them to my personal favorites: Sulfur Springs and Squaw Rock.  Post-conversation I was filled with much pride in my well-educated answer, but later on my drive home from the grocery store, a time when I do some of my best thinking, it dawned on me… maybe I helped this couple form some of their favorite memories? Maybe they went to the park and had an incredible conversation that changed their outlook on their relationship or life? Or maybe there was a way that the sun shined just right on her face that he knew for the first time he was in love? Or maybe he tripped and fell on the slippery rocks of the river and she laughed harder than she has laughed in months? Perhaps I played a minor role in creating these memories. Maybe I helped make something beautiful. (Or maybe I helped create an average day, but I am going to go with the first of the two options.)

   The Shins just came out with a new song, which rings to the tune of my park creation: "So Now What". One of the coolest thoughts in the world is how we affect other people’s lives; how one person in your life can truly transform the definition of life. One day a person is just somebody you met in a grocery store and the next they are a sturdy part of your foundation.

I had this crazy idea

Somehow we’d coast to the end

Change lives in every direction tonight

Guess we’ll just begin again

I think you know you’re my best friend.

   Written for the movie Wish I Was Here, a story about finding yourself and beginning a new chapter in life, this song is the perfect stepping stone for a tale of this nature. If you dig this song, I highly advise checking out the rest of the soundtrack. To say it is stellar and inspiring and mind numbingly applicable to life is an understatement. 

Wish I Was Here Soundtrack