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Rainy Day Picks

It's pouring and cloudy outside here in New York City today- not exactly what you imagine for the summer time. 

So grab your hot coco, Irish coffee, tea, or whatever else you drink when it's cold and enjoy these tracks. When the sun comes out to play again in the next few days, keep your eyes open for the 5 songs to get you pumped for the sun. 

Rainy Day Jams: 

5. Jake Bugg- Simple As This 

With a folky sound and simple yet catchy lyrics, this song makes for a great song to listen to while reading a book. You'll have great background music, but won't be distracted from your literary gold. 

4. 5 Seconds of Summer - Amnesia 

Classic pining for love song, but it works for this rainy day weather. Poppy with tragic lyrics, it's a good combo for sitting in bed for hours on end while editing Facebook photos. (What else do you do when it rains...besides Netflix of course.) 

3. Coldplay- Magic 

Another dark love song about loosing his now ex-wife, Chris Martin (as you can learn more in our article about Ghost Stories) creates a haunting track that is eerie yet soothing all in one. 

2. Ed Sheeran- I See Fire

A step away from songs steeped in romance, this song sounds as if it is straight out of the olden times back in the United Kingdom. The song is calming and draws listeners in with its beautiful harmonies and melodic dances. Dark and soulful, this is one song you can't not listen to under the clouds with droplets of rain falling on your umbrella. (Fun fact it was also featured in The Hobbit!) 

1. Bon Iver- Skinny Love

First appearing in 2008 as a free single on iTunes, this song has exploded over the last six years gaining notoriety as the ULTIMATE RAINY DAY SONG. This track can make you cry, curl up, get mad, get happy, and probably will lead you to eat your feelings away. This is a track that can't be left out from this list.

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