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Who Are You Ghost Town?

The debut album The After Party. 

The debut album The After Party. 

Ghost Town can’t seem to decide exactly what they want to be.

On one hand, the overpowering drum sounds and dubstep synthesizers make feel like you’re listening to the local kid down the street making some “sick beats bro” while he sits on his bed drinking a big glass of Sunny-D. On the other hand, the nasally vocals, matched with the guitar and percussion patterns transport me back to my middle school punk-rock days filled with old favorites like All Time Low, Yellowcard, and Good Charlotte.

The latter isn’t necessarily a bad thing; I grew into music by exploring these genres and getting lost in the wall of sound and angst that came flying aggressively towards me, and don’t lie you know you did too, but perhaps it’s time to simply grow up and out of this style of music. I can’t seem to connect emotionally to a song titled “You’re so Creepy.”

However I refuse to hail Ghost Town as a waste of time. The band has had considerable success, evident by their presence on the 2014 Van’s Warped Tour and their new album called The After Party. Anyone into the old school punk rock energy would be wise to give it a try. You’ll be able to tell within fifteen seconds if you’re still young, or just old enough to begin feeling alienated by the younger generation of music.

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