OP/ED: Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini 

Paolo Nutini 

By Evan "Herbie" Lutvak


   Paolo Nutini is a Scottish Singer/Songwriter who sounds like he’s singing most of his songs on the porch of a log cabin.

    His breakthrough came when, while attending a concert, he was the winner of a pop quiz and rewarded the prize of coming onto the stage to perform a few songs. He was given a guitar, someone in the audience was a manager, and the rest is history.

   Maybe the audience reacted so favorably because his music sounds best with just a guitar. Its campfire music, if campfire music had a horn section, or a beautifully sounding drum kit, or funky blues guitar that made you smile and nod. I know these are all supposed to be good things but like that guy who is uncomfortably playing the guitar next to your campfire, they aren’t used to their full potential and kind of make you cringe.

    While not anything special, it isn’t bad for any particular reason. The chords move nicely, the mix sounds pretty good, and his voice doesn’t sound silly the entire time. In an industry filled with strange noises and flashing lights it can feel good to be underwhelmed….just not this much.


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Edited by Valerie Reich