OK Go's Trippy New Video

We've seen them choreograph routines on treadmills and make music while drag racing a car; this time, OK Go continues to astound us with their ability to create trippy and viral video content. Yesterday, the quartet released their new music video for "The Writing's On The Wall" from their new album, Hungry Ghosts set to be released in full this October. The video is laden with illusions orchestrated on in a Brooklyn lot. While the video looks like one seamless take, it took the crew over 3 weeks and 50+ takes. 

While people seem to often learn of their music from their videos, the band's lead singer, Damian Kulash, stressed to TIME:

We don’t view [music videos] as promotional materials for the ‘real’ thing, the song. To us the song is the real thing when you’re listening to the song and the music videos is the real thing when you’re watching the music video.
— Damian Kulash

The illusions resonate with the meaning of the song: the fall-out of a relationship based on miscommunication. The couple can't seem to get on the same page, seeing things in the same way -- thus, the use of optical illusions. To find out more about the optical illusions, the band has started to slowly release behind the scenes videos and takes to sites like Mashable and TIME

To listen more of what is to come on their new album, OK Go also released an EP yesterday, June 17th, titled "Upside Out." You can stream it on their SoundCloud account: