Track Review: Wreck It! by ADzMan

       By Christian Conway 

       ADzMAN’s new release on Luxor Music, “Wreck It” captures one of the rising popular trends in EDM today, bounce driven drops. These songs take the style of Melbourne Bounce, yet fuses it with todays deep heavy bass hits to create a energetic style that has featured on most festival main stages over the the past year and a half.

      In similar style to artists such as TJR, Vinai, JDG, and Will Sparks, ADzMAN’s new track is an infectious and high-energy ode to this trend. Driven by a bouncing drop that follows a high-energy build coupled with a strong rap vocal sample, ADzMAN’s track shows a deep understanding of the more popular trends in EDM today.

     Yet while following while a popular trend, ADzMAN’s track shows unique features, such as the aforementioned vocal sample and a drop that sounds deeper than just a simple bounce inspired drop. The vocal urges listeners of the track to bounce and when the drop comes in, its nearly impossible to stay standing, the track simply makes you want to dance. Simply put, it’s a high-energy track with an infectious bounce in the drop that makes the listener want to dance. It’s a quality release for ADzMAN, and one that signals a very exciting future ahead for the young producer.


You can check out the track released today on Beatport here

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