French Invasion: Nu Disco Meets New York

Photo above taken by Sparky on Flickr.

Love electronic as much as us? The next wave you don't know about yet will blow your mind...

For those paying attention to the music scene, the French are exploding the nu disco genre across Europe (see Madeon for example). The collected soulful samples, mixed with heavy synthesizers and smooth jazz undertones are creating some of the best tracks I've heard in a LONG time. 

I could write a research paper about all the up and coming artists making incredible music in nu disco field. But we'll save that for another time. For the sake of relevancy, let's take a look at a duo of studs from Buffalo, New York. Probably not where you anticipated disco and electronic to come together so perfectly, but there's something incredible brewing up there.

Meet Solidisco. One the forefront of the new age American disco, the remixes and original tracks they've been dropping have each been more impressive than the last. Their mixes have been gaining increasing attention since performing at this year's SXSW.

I'll let you take it from here to explore Solidisco. Give them a listen before all your friends do. With EDM on the verge of needing some revitalization and a fresh breath of creativity, this seems like the exact type of group to give us exactly what we're craving: