Why Am I Just Now Discovering Hugo?

Photo above taken by Richard Heaven.

Who knew the song "99 Problems" (a Jay-Z classic) would sound about a thousand times better with a banjo in the background? But seriously, I’m not kidding. My new favorite man and musician, Hugo, transformed the song into a bluegrass cover, and I could not be more obsessed. I found the cover by chance on an 8 tracks playlist one day, and I was immediately hooked. It’s also featured in the movie No Strings Attached (fortunately, the song is better than the movie). If you haven’t started listening to it yet, just stop reading this for a hot second and hit play. 

You probably love it already, am I right or am I right?

So, after listening to the song on repeat for an ungodly number of times, I figured I should probably see what else this fine gentleman had to offer. And then I found my other new obsession - "Bread & Butter." Yes, that is the song title, but you will soon find out that it’s certainly not about food. Just listen you will understand. 

It’s hard to describe Hugo as one genre, he’s definitely got some bluegrass feel, but he’s a mixture of pop, rock and soul too. A lot going on, but I’m pretty in love with all the songs on his album ‘Old Tyme Religion,’ which came out in 2011. This London born rocker knows what’s up. 

Hugo must also have a thing for Jay-Z and Beyonce (well, who doesn’t) because he co- wrote Beyonce’s song “Disappear” off her best-selling album ‘I Am Sasha Fierce.' And then proceeded to cover 99 Problems, as noted earlier. Hugo hasn’t released anything recently, but my fingers are crossed.

Until then keep listening to my favorite jams like “Sweetest Cure.” It’s another winner.