Welcome to This Thing We Made

What's up friends, classmates, and music enthusiasts worldwide (I'm aiming high here.) 

This is the new and improved website and blog for Limelight Music Group, formerly known as Limelight Records. With the induction of our current executives, we decided the organization was due for a rebranding. We are back with a new logo, new website and new vision for our group of music lovin', tunes promotin' gurus. 

Our artists are working tirelessly in the studios -- basically sleeping there (just kidding, they have lives, too). But, we are working on some sick new tracks to release to the campus with our new comers like Mike the Daydreamer, ADzMAN, Brooke Alexx, Dylan Rockwell, and Connor Whitaker amongst our veterans like Kid Cas, Myles T, Sarah Boike and Lizzy Bassen. 

We want to make this website the landing page for everything related to the local music scene in Elon, Greensboro and Chapel Hill areas. Our bloggers will give you their thoughts on newly released tracks, offer the skinny on recent shows they've seen, and share with you some musical gems that they have been holding on to from those bands you've never heard of before now.

Hope you enjoy the site. Please feel free to send all your feedback, thoughts, concerns, praise, money, candy, concert tickets and presents through the contact page.