The Saga of Teenage Punk Rock Continues

It is time to let that teenage angst that is welling up inside of you leap out. Say Anything announced that they are releasing a new album, “Hebrews,” on June 13th, and kicking it off with a national tour beginning in Dallas, Texas at Granada Theatre.

During the summer before my senior year somebody opened up my eyes to the glorious world of Say Anything. With semi-offensive lyrics and lack of censoring, I can admittedly say that I did not immediately fall in love with the music. (For future reference, “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” is not the best song to start out with.) On a late night drive with the windows down, a dear friend played “Alive With The Glory of Love.” I listened to the lyrics, swallowing each word one at a time. On that night I discovered that Say Anything is so much more than just teenage angst breaking free; the band is a poetic mastermind. Writing songs about honest and raw life struggles, Max Bemis (aka. lead singer/lyrical genius) does not abide by a societal filter, but rather puts it all out on the table. Max Bemis might not know me, but I have never felt so connected to an artist prior to him.

By the looks of me, nobody would label me as an obvious Say Anything fan. So the question is, what is a real Say Anything fan? As I stood in the crowd of their concert at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio last summer, I looked around at people who shared little to no resemblance to me. Sporting my homemade high wasted shorts and a crocheted Free People top, I looked more like I belonged in a field singing Edward Sharpe than standing at a punk concert. Surrounded by people with bountiful amounts of tattoos and dark colors, I really stuck out like a sore thumb.

When Say Anything took the stage, the real magic began. Nobody cared who you were beyond the four walls of the building, nor what clothes you had on. Smashing into everyone within a ten-foot vicinity, the mosh pit was swallowing me whole. I was quite literally enveloped by the music that I so loved. Everyone screamed at the top of their lungs the lyrics they heard a thousand times. I have never felt so connected to a group of people in my life. The atmosphere was entrancing. Every song gave me shivers of frisson through every crevice of my body. Every time I leave a concert I always whisper into my friend’s ear that my life will never be the same, but this time I shouted it through the streets of Cleveland because I knew that this was a whole new kind of experience.

My view from the front row at the House of Blues. Feelings of jealousy are natural. Don't worry.

So whether you like thick black eyeliner and studded clothing, or thrift shopped goodies are more your style, you will find a home in Say Anything’s music. So get ready. Get pumped. Cause a new album is coming your way, carrying on the Say Anything legacy.

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