Concert Recap: Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots, a duo from Ohio still stunned by their newly found fame, played Cat’s Cradle on Tuesday April 8th to a wild, rowdy, and sold out crowd. The venue, with a capacity of 750 people, was packed from wall to wall with fans clamoring towards the stage. Nearly unknown a year ago- the band has exploded from having a cult following to an ever-expanding fan base with no limits on demographics. 

The highlight of the concert was of course headliner Twenty One Pilots who kicked off the show with one of the songs that got them noticed by MTV’s Artist You Should Know “Guns For Hands.” The crowd went absolutely wild. Moving through the rest of their 2013 album Vessel, they hit crowd favorites like “Holding on to You”, “House of Gold”, “Trees”, which made the crowd go wilder than could’ve been imagined. That was until the duo took slabs from the stage and had the audience hold them up. Not knowing what was going to happen next- what occurred was something jaw dropping and completely unexpected. I’ve seen band members crowd surf, and I’ve even seen band members stand on top of the audience while simultaneously twerking (aka go to a Matt and Kim show) but never have I seen- or imagined the possibility- of a band lifting two drum sets on top of an audience and then proceeding to drum on top of them.

As drummer Tyler Jospeh killed it on the drums actively banging away with, what seemed, a moments rest, lead singer Josh Dun strutted across the stage standing on top of anything he could get on to, and moving in a semi-seizure/robot style. It was a movement that was incomparable to anything I’ve ever seen. After a few moments of tweaking across the stage, Dunn turned to the audience and sent a heart filled message, “Whatever is heavy that you brought into this show, you can leave it here.” Then he roused the audience in a chorus of their song “Screen” with the crowd changing back, “We’re broken, we’re broken, we’re broken people, oh.”