Doses, Mimosas, and The Best Night Ever

I’ve been to more concerts than I can count, but last Thursday was one of the most epic performances I have ever witnessed. Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, dynamic duo of the band ‘Cherub,’ know how to put on one hell of a show. Case in point: Whenever they ended with their hit "Doses and Mimosas," Jason leapt into the crowd, cracking open a bottle of champagne to the lyrics “doses and mimosas, champagne and cocaine help to get me through.” To the say the crowd went wild would be an understatement.

So, what’s their genre? Electro-pop combined with some 90’s R&B melodies would suffice. If you’re into songs about sex, drugs and partying (and come on, who isn't) then these are the guys for you. As an avid Cherub fan, I knew a majority of the songs performed, including personal favorites such as “Monogamy”and “Hold Me.” Before seeing the show, I worried the band wouldn’t be able to replicate their high pitched, hard to describe sound in a live setting. Uh, I was most certainly wrong. They sounded just like the record, if not better, and no, lip synching was not involved. 

Being in the front row, we were fortunate to have the perfect view. We could actually see the sweat dripping from their faces, and my homegirl Molly Boyce (VP of Marketing and PR, mind you) actually touched Jordan’s hand at one point. The way these two interacted was pure insanity, their energy was more than intense and my god, what crowd pleasers. 

One of my favorite parts of the entire night, though? When they decided to do a kick-ass cover of Calvin Harris’s “Feel So Close.” The entire room went dark and fans screamed as the familiar techno beat began to echo throughout the room. There is nothing better than seeing a band do a solid cover, and this was one for the record books. 

Cherub also pulled out some hits from their new CD, ‘Year of the Caprese,’ set for release on May 27. After hearing songs off the album like “Tonight” and “Lifesaver,” they made me super pumped for the album to debut. Old songs, new songs, and covers all made the night a success.

In short: 

-If you aren’t already a Cherub fan, become one.

-If you only know the song “Doses and Mimosas,” change this.

-If you have yet to see them, go buy your tickets now. 


Final Concert Score: Off da charts. 

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