Lykke Li: "No Rest for the Wicked"

Photo above taken by NRK P3.

Lykke Li’s newly released “No Rest for the Wicked,” might have a name reminiscent of a Cage the Elephant’s hit, but couldn’t be more different. This new jam is from her upcoming May 5th. album I Never Learn. is a haunting and orchestral tune.

Lykke Li is a 20-something Swedish songbird who infuses a wide array of instruments into her electro-pop-indie jams. Violin, tambouring, trumpets, cellos and more permeate through her music creating chilling rifts paired with even more chilling lyrics. These combined with a piano piece, a piece written to coincide with the internal beat of the song, creates the haunting and orchestral tune that gets stuck in your head for days. 

Sounding like a mash up of Lorde and Fiona Apple with a bit of electro-pop sprinkled on top, Lykke Li is a strong contender for next year’s circuit of music festivals. 

Check out the release video for “No Rest for the Wicked” below and don’t forget to watch out for the May 5th release of Lykke Li’s new album I Never Learn.