Three Years Later... AND They're Back

A bit of indie feel. Some euphoric pop. Maybe a little dance floor action. And hold up, what are these slow songs?

Above are all words that come to mind when I first listened to Foster the People’s newest album ‘Supermodel.’ It’s been three years since the release of the band’s debut ‘Torches.’ Those pumped up kicks made their mark, but does their new music have the same effect?

I’m not gonna lie, ’Supermodel’ is not the most amazing thing to ever grace the music scene, BUT there are a few songs that I immediately fell in love with after just a few listens. Prime example: 'Pseudologia Fantastica.’ Tuhh-rippy af. I mean the name alone… Come on. In case you were wondering what that even means, it’s a fancy term for pathological lying? Cool, right. Also, the lyrics include "you’ve got to love the madness of the feeling." Ugh, so great. 

And then you have those random songs, that don’t sound anything like the band at all? I’m talking about ‘Fire Escape,’ the final song off the album. A lot slower than anything else ever produced by the band. And at first listen, my reaction was kind of like “uhhh…what?” But then I listened again, and again, and then some more. Until I realized that I actually kind of loved it. A lot. The lyrics are pretty damn beautiful. 

There will definitely be some fans disappointed by the album because of it’s new direction (not One Direction, ew). But that isn’t to say that there won’t be some people who love it regardless. One could argue either side, really.

My final score: a solid 6.5/ 10.

But hey, figure it out for yourself. Go give it a listen. If you hate it, turn it off. And if you like the new sound, fist bump to that. 

Okay, one more thing. I would like to make a side note about the album artwork. It’s epic. But, actually. If the music isn’t 100% on point, at least the album cover is. Just look at it. No other words needed: I dig it.