Scam Wins with Soko Song

The video “First Kiss” went viral last week, reaching over 24 million views in just 48 hours. I am sure you have seen it or at least heard of it --  if not then you probably need to reconsider your social life (just kidding...)

Showcasing 20 couples kissing for first time, the video has attracted much buzz through dozens of new parodies: dogs kissing, painfully awkward sexual interactions (I am cringing just recalling its gawkiness), and an overwhelming number of Buzzfeed articles.

The depressing part of this video is that the whole thing is a complete LIEIf you're shocked, you are not alone. To say that I was disappointed is a colossal understatement; the whole thing is one giant advertisement for Wren Clothing Company. Although Wren’s clothes are pretty stellar and the actors were amusing and believable, the video is a fraud. 

Sorry that I had to be the one to shatter the illusion.

In the heat of all this disappointment, there is one thing that shines through like a glimmering beacon of hope – the background music. While the Internet buzzed about the video, I was raving about the song. “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow” by Soko lightly echoes in the background of the black and white film. It is simple and honest.

“I don't want to judge what's in your heart, but if you're not ready for love, how can you be ready for life?”

The lyrics, unlike the lies of the video, are hauntingly honest.  

So for those of you who missed the memo about this video, here it is. Get ready for fraud and wonderful music. ENJOY…

Now that you've seen the video, here's the highlighted song in all its honest glory. The music video contains some of the same intimate scenes like those in "First Kiss." 

BE WARNED: The below video contains nudity and sexual content.

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