Hip Hop

Kendrick Lamar Debuts Untitled Track on Colbert Report

Written by Valerie Reich

Last night rapper Kendrick Lamar was the musical guest on Steven Colbert'The Colbert Report. After a brief interview with the "straight out of Compton" star, Lamar continued to preform as the last musical guest to ever be featured on The Colbert Report. Lamar debuted a new and untitled jazz inspired track. Featuring a live band including a back up vocalist, Terrace Martin on saxophone and Thundercat on bass, Lamar only furthers himself from traditional hip hop in favor of a fusion sound. The new sound only distinguishes himself further as, in his own words, "a writer, not a rapper." 

Notable Lyrics from the "Untitled" track:

"Put a price on my talent / I hit the bank and withdraw"
" Put myself in a rocket ship and I shot for the stars" 


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