Jon Bellion

Media always displays the negative, and rarely does an artist break through and illuminate our screens and ears with positivity and strength. Jon Bellion has made his way through the white noise and brought back meaning to what music is really supposed to be: inspirational.

Bellion, a 23 year-old, free spirit signed with Visionary Music Group in 2012. Bellion’s music blends together pop, soul, rap, and hip-hop; the ultimate combination in creating a new language in music. The Beautiful Mind Tour, showcasing his third album, The Definition, stopped at the small town venue, The Local 506, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The 506 is found in a small, older building across the street from the record store, CD Alley, in the heart of Chapel Hill, on Franklin Street. The 506 has a maximum capacity of 250 people, making for an intimate show scene. The drum could be felt inside your heart with the upbeat turn in the middle of “Simple and Sweet”, and if you looked closely, you could see the sweat drops rolling down his face as he finished the concert with his spoken word.

An artist who can rap fluid words into the harmony of the keys on a keyboard fulfills a definition of magic. “New York Soul” was written and produced by Bellion. The lyrics speak to the split between being away from family and loved ones, yet chasing your dreams and passions. As he performed this song during the concert, the voice of any individual who has ever said, ‘I miss you’ was heard.

“Jim Morrison” tied together a compilation of artists that have inspired or motivated Bellion’s work. The impact of societal problems and global concerns are on the forefront of Bellion’s art. Although, his presentation style is beyond close to any other artist in the limelight today. He makes internal struggles have external awareness, he turns worldly battles into personal fights, and most of all, he gives justification to our emotions. Bellion makes feeling human feel comfortable. 


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