#tbt (kinda) Weezer's 10th ablum Everything Will be Alright in the End

Everything Will Be Alright In The End is Weezer’s tenth album and will be dropping on October 7th. The lead single on the album entitled Back to the Shack has got me quite excited to see what is in store for the upcoming album. Back to the Shack is River Cuomo’s insincere apology to the criticisms of the band’s music succeeding the album, Pinkerton. The lyrics in the song acknowledge the failure that was Pinkerton and simply shrug it off as Cuomo growing up and making sense of his life. And now at age 44 he uses Back to the Shack to provide laughable self-deprecating meta-commentary to the entire shebang that is Weezer’s career. Only to go on a roundabout and agree that they were golden about 20 years ago and after dabbling with all these other sounds they’re ready to return to their garage rock roots. 

The song’s sound is even more reminiscent of their debut album, with the use of distorted garage rock guitars, Cuomo’s new-wave/punk rock sing-song voice, mildly aggressive shouting, funky synths, and catchy rhythmic chord progression. At the end of the day the song in it’s entirety is not their peak as song-writers or musicians but it leaves fans with the hope that this upcoming album embraces their original sound combined with the maturity and wisdom they’ve learned from train wrecks, like the time they collaborated with Lil’ Wayne.

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