Album Review: Through Dark Clouds by Sara Boike

Sara Boike’s new EP “Through Dark Clouds” is impressive; her voice is distinct and strong, and often reminiscent of the artist Dido’s quirky songs. It is easy to see that Boike has a natural talent that goes beyond the normal scope of an artist in her early twenties. Boike’s songs also indicate that she has an ability to write lyrics that actually have meaning to them. She forgoes writing cutesy lyrics that appeal to mass audiences and instead focuses on writing lyrics that stay true to her own style. 

Boike’s best song is definitely “Through Dark Clouds,” in which she incorporates a jazzy feel to her music. The song has a consistent strumming in the background that is nicely paired with her airy, sweeping vocals. Her lyrical use of “dark clouds” is also effective, especially when she uses the refrain “dark clouds” at the end of the song. In some of her other songs, Boike has more of a Norah Jonesfeel, especially in “Take a Break.” Boike uses her voice to its full potential in this song, and she takes on less of an airy feel, but instead sings more soulfully. 

Boike’s other two songs, “Footstool” and “Pitiful Earth” are very similar to her other two songs and although also strong, they don’t stand out as much as the first two. “Footstool” is one of Boike’s songs which is more upbeat and quirky while still maintaining the soulful feel that her other songs have. “Pitiful Earth” is much darker than her other songs with her long, wailing notes and her repetition of the word “pitiful.”

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