I've Got Those Post-Concert Blues...

I left the concert with three things in my pocket: a business card reading “Sometimes I hate Cleveland because I love it so much” and two guitar picks. The pink pick was found beneath my feet after being thrown into the audience while the other I dove for and amongst dozens of reaching hands managed to grab.

What band made me go mad enough to leap into the air like a crazy person, putting the surrounding people in danger of my flailing elbows? What band caused me to stroke the lead singer’s hair like some deranged groupie when he came down to high five the audience? What band made my ears ring for 24 hours after the concert ended? What band made my heart thump three feet from my chest and cause my tear ducts to screw societal norms?

Airborne Toxic Event.

All At Once… four months ago. 

Timeless… three months ago.

            Elizabeth… one month ago.

                        Half of Something Else… one month minus one day ago.

                                    The Fifth Day… two weeks ago.

                                                Numb… one week ago.

                                                            Sometime Around Midnight… Four days ago.

                                                                        Changing… Two days ago.

Try to find a band that can take you on an emotional backpacking tour of the unlit nooks of your mind.

My ears still ring with the heat of the bass. My fingers still reach in the air with electric waves of thrill shooting out the tips. My cheeks still ache from the smile that simply refuses to vanish.

Try to find a band that leaves you entranced for days.

Written on the lead singer’s acoustic guitar read “Somewhere they foxtrot madly.”

On Monday, I foxtrotted till I wore holes in my shoes and grew permanent holes in my heart.