We are Limelight Music Group, Elon University's sole promotional group for up-and-coming student musicians. We give the unheard a voice by providing undiscovered, talented student artists with the opportunity to record their music, play live shows, develop an image and gain a fanbase. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to condense the professional music industry onto Elon's campus. Our goal is not only to promote and develop our artists, but also our team. We work closely as an organization to prepare all involved to handle real-world situations within the industry. 

Above all, we are a passionate, student-run agency working with the one thing that connects everyone - music 

We connect YOU with the music.

BUT, this is all made possible by a (rad) group of executives.

Meet the Crew.


Claire Hasson: President

Claire Hasson is the president of Limelight Music Group. She oversees the general operations of the group and was formerly a manager in the A&R department. As a music and concert enthusiast, Limelight was the organization on-campus she felt she could best express herself. Her passions include tacos, Fridays, and dancing on elevated surfaces. 

Email Claire: chasson@elon.edu


Michael Kotlaba: VP of Music Technology/Production

Email Michael: mkotlaba@elon.edu


Brooke Muller: VP of Marketing/PR

Brooke Muller is the VP of Marketing/PR for Limelight Music Group. She is responsible for promoting the label and artists through various media channels and loves nothing more than talking about Limelight. The coolest moment of her life was when her favorite band, Cruisr, asked her onstage to dance with them at a show in Chapel Hill - she loves talking about this too. 

Email Brooke: bmuller3@elon.edu


Taylor Pace: VP of Media

Taylor Pace is the VP of Media in Limelight. He has over 5 years of experience in the music scene and has played in numerous bands, the most notable of which is A Turning Day. He went on two tours across the US East coast, has participated in writing and recording 4 different musical releases, and currently plays bass for one of Limelight’s very own, Zen Marino.

Email Taylor: cpace5@elon.edu


Cailin Jalynski: VP of Management/A&R

Cailin Jalynski is the Vice President of Management/A&R of Limelight Music Group. She is responsible for managing talent and fostering strong relationships between the artist and the team. She is also the primary booking agent for the organization and has previously interned at Midwood Entertainment, a booking agency in Charlotte, NC. Cailin hosts a radio show on WSOE called Waves For Days, and will be studying abroad in London this spring. 

Email Cailin: cjalynski@elon.edu


Meaghan McCann: VP of Outreach/Live Events

Email Meaghan: mmccann5@elon.edu